• Stainless Steel Bimini & Fabric for Helm More Info ».
  • Black Shade Cloth Around Helm, Cockpit & Front of Boat – SY Dakota has a special 90% shade cloth that completely covers and protects these areas from any sun, but you can still see through it. This also protects from rain. More Info ».


  • Main Electric Winch for Helm and Main Sail – For easy hoisting of sails More Info ».



  • 1500 Watt Electric Windlass – Top of the range windlass for anchor with built in emergency manual lift system to easily retrieve your anchor if you lose battery power on the boat More Info ».
  • Windlass Remote Control at Helm More Info ».
  • 100 Metres of High Grade 12mm Chain for the Anchor that provides a stronger hold when anchoring the boat.
  • Rocna 40KG Anchor – one of the strongest, award winning anchors in the world More Info ».
  • 8 Advanced Blow Up Fenders – Can be blown up when coming to ports (means no fenders around the boat) More Info ».